About Us

Zakis Catering was established by the Zakis family who have 30 years experience in the field of hospitality. Dissatisfied with the quality and service provided by existing catering companies the Zakis family decided to start a new trend in the catering scene with service and support that is next to none and mouth watering recipes to entice the tastebuds into a frenzy.

It has been said that you must love your work and what you do, for when you love your work your work becomes your play and likewise your play becomes your work. This is how we feel about our business, it is not just a job it is a passion, our chefs are passionate about food and our staff is passionate about creating a fun-filled atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Our ultimate goal is to create the perfect menu and perfect scene for any occasion and we allow our passion and love of food to drive this desire. We strive to satisfy our clients through restaurant quality cuisine, excellent service and an affordable price. We understand that word of mouth is the biggest advertising in business and are constantly striving to exceed expectations, we know we have reached our goal when our client and their guests are satisfied and having a great time.

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