Wake, Funeral, and Memorial Service (Mnimosino) Menu

H = Homemade, V = Vegetarian, Veg = Vegan

Buffet Inclusions

Fresh Bread Rolls

served with butter.

Tarama Dip

Traditional Greek dip of fish roe, olive oil and lemon juice.

Kalamata Olives (V, Veg)

Cucumbers (V, Veg)

Carrots (V, Veg)

Cheese Platter (V)

Gourmet Sandwiches

Vegetable Spring Rolls (V, Veg)

Cocktail spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce.

Calamari Rings (H)

Homemade giant calamari rings marinated in the chef's secret recipe, cooked to golden brown perfection and served with fresh lemon and tartare sauce.

Fish Cocktails (H)

Battered fish pieces served with fresh lemon.

Baked Potatoes (H, V, Veg)

Tiropita (V)

Homemade Greek style cheese pita.

Cabbage Salad (Lahanosalata) (V, Veg)

Paksimadia (V, Veg)

Greek hard bread.



Greek coffee and instant coffee.


English breakfast.



Red Wine

Soft Drinks

Cola, Lemonade


Cutlery & Serveware

Includes plastic cutlery, plates, cups, table cloths, and all serveware.

Set Up & Clean Up

Our memorial package includes all set-up or tables, chairs etc and clean up at conclusion.

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