Menu Selections

Set Menu

Set menu is chosen by the client and usually consists of two different dishes served in an alternating manner. More often consists of entrée and main course followed by dessert, tea and coffee.

Great for those formal sit down events such as weddings.



Buffet is the most popular option and can be as simple and casual or as formal and extravagant as the client desires. There can be as many  different food choices as preffered and is great for satisfying everyones different taste.


Orthodox Memorial Service 

Memorial Service Catering for funeral and memorial services. Consisting of brandy, Greek coffee, tea and a specialised buffet menu.


Delivery Buffet

Delivery Buffet is delivered to your premises in disposable trays and platters. This option is perfect for those family gatherings, birthdays, corporate events and any other functions which only require food to be catered and do not require staff to be on premises.

Mouth watering food delivered straight to your door. No hassle and no fuss, everything is ready to eat when it arrives.


Delivery Platters

Platters for all occassions, platters are great for corporate events, get togethers and small parties.




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